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Photography has held a mesmerizing allure for me since my earliest memories. I recall cutting out National Geographic pictures, yearning to capture the vivid scenes just like the skilled photographers who amazed me. It wasn't until the birth of my first son that I leaped into the realm of DSLR cameras, and from that moment, I've never turned back.

Through my lens, I've captured the rich tapestry of life – from families and couples to business professionals as well as the majestic beauty of bears, whales, eagles, and beyond!. I've supported businesses by creating captivating photographs for their advertisements and have conducted numerous headshots and portraits across all age groups.

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My work has been featured in prestigious publications, including 'British Columbia Magazine' and I have won awards for my engagement photos and wedding photos. I have had my photography featured on band albums and on billboards. However, my most transformative journey began over a year ago, focusing on photographing the wonders of nature daily. This expedition has gifted me countless sunrises and sunsets, the enchantment of kayaking amidst majestic whales, and moments frozen in time capturing bears fishing or swimming in the river. Amidst these adventures, I've treasured invaluable memories of my own family's special moments.

I'm deeply passionate about the outdoors and find solace in nature. Family time with my husband, two kids, and our dog Chloe is precious. We enjoy exploring, hiking, and off roading in our side by sides, as well as cozy movie and board game nights. Beyond photography, I'm also piano teacher (since 1996), and I find joy in playing along to my favorite songs and challenging myself with classical pieces. Gardening, baking, kayaking, painting, enjoying live music, and meaningful conversations with friends are additional aspects of life I cherish ♥  

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